Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 7 - April 25th

After a restful night, it is time to hit the road again.  On today's list are several spots on the Big Money Rally.

The ride out of Fredericksburg was nice - beautiful weather and nice roads.  Down to Kerrville on Texas 16 then I-10 to Texas 41

The wild flowers are out and in full bloom out on Texas 41.

This was leading to a block of sites - Leaky, Rio Frio, Vanderpool, Utopia and Concan.

First a quick stop in Mountain Home to get some gas, a snack and something cold to drink.  It turns out this place makes their own Jerky!  Really tasty.  I am particularly fond of the honey glazed jerky

I was thinking this bit was going to be pretty boring from a riding perspective.  Pretty, but boring as in this shot of US 83 headed toward Leaky.

In Leaky I found a few interesting buildings and businesses as well as the Post Office I was needing

It turns out this group of spots is part of The Three Sisters AKA The Twisted Sisters.

There were warning signs along the road - one by Mother Nature and one by the State of  Texas.

There were five of these critters dining on the last guy who didn't make it across the road, but three of them flew up to the trees before I could get the camera out.

Then Rio Frio (Cold River) and more fun roads.

From Rio Frio, a bit of a back track to hit Ranch Road 337 to Vanderpool (very nice ride) and then down Ranch Road 187 to Utopia and more gas and another Post Office.

From there it was Ranch to Market 1050 to US 83

 (what can I say, I liked this river) and South to Concan, Texas, the last Post Office in this batch.

Continuing South on US 83 toward Uvalde, there was new corn growing on both sides of the highway.

Ah, yes, the Lonestar Saloon - had a few good memories from there as well.

Now here's something you don't see in California

I love these old houses.  This place would be a fortune in Los Angeles - if you could find that much land to build on.

I can't remember the last time I saw one of these.  All I see these days are the big chains.

Heading West again, this time on US 90 - great old road and highly recommended.

I had lunch in Bracketville, at the Brackett Burger and Steak - right across from Ft. Clark.

Unfortunately my delay in San Antonio did not leave me the time to explore everything I would have like to - like Ft. Clark.  Something to do next time I'm out this way.

Blasting out along US 90 I had a ways to go.  I wanted to get as far West a practical today.

Crossing part of the Amistad National Recreation Area.  That water certainly looked inviting.

And on toward the Pecos.

The Pecos does not look nearly as inviting, but it is beautiful in it's own way.

On to Langtry and another Post Office I just had to shoot.  Why Langtry?  That's Lily Langtry

and Judge Roy Bean.

I got there too late to visit the museum so back on my (now) trusty stead and off toward Sanderson and maybe Ft. Stockton.

Just outside of Sanderson was this place - currently not being used and probably for rent pretty cheap.

After a quick fuel stop in Sanderson, I figured there was enough daylight remaining to make it to Ft. Stockton, so make a right off US 90 and up US 285.

In to Stockton for the evening.  Tomorrow will be the long boring stretch to El Paso along I-10.

I found out the there is going to be a race on US 285 from Stockton to Sanderson and return April 28th called the Big Bend Open Road Race.  Google that one.  It looks like fun.

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