Thursday, April 26, 2012

Day 4, 5 and 6 - April 22nd - 24th

Sunday and Monday were spent being lazy and enjoying the hospitality of my buddy Phil and the Papillon, Cooper, who looks like this one from Wikipedia

We wandered around San Antonio, finding some of my old stomping grounds and having a Schlotzsky sandwich.  There are only seven Schlotzsky restaurants in California with the closest one to me being over an hour away.  I don't get these very often.

Tuesday was laundry day, repacking and sending stuff(tm) home day.  I did pack more than I needed and the gym bag could use a bit of a slimming so I could use all the seat.  Got a call around 9am telling me the parts arrived so we also dropped the battery off so the shop would have everything they needed to fix the bike.  Around 3pm I had Phil drop me off at Alamo Cycle Plex as he headed to court (he's a lawyer).  As I walked up, they told me the bike had just been finished and as soon as they finished the paperwork I was good to go.  WOW!  These guys did a great job and charged me almost nothing for their labor.  I was back on the road for about $200 or so - including the battery.  Thanks guys - you rock!

Back to Phil's, load the bike, key returned and off I go.

First things first - get a photo of that last university - Our Lady of the Lake

Now out of town and head toward Luckenbach and Fredericksburg.

Here's the freeway shot.  Exciting isn't it?  Yeah, they all look pretty much the same.

I have fond memories of hanging around Luckenbach in the ’70s – pitchin’ washers, listening to Jerry Jeff Walker, Alvin Crow, and the whole Austin music crowd performing at the open air dance floor. Dancing under the stars, listening to Hondo tell stories, and the original Luckenbach 4th of July celebrations with the Luckenbach Air Force fly over (1 J-3 Cub), the Navy parade (a couple of bass boats) and our own dare devil “Bad McFad” (neurosurgeon from Waco) attempting to be shot out of the Luckenbach Memorial Canon (several 55gal drums with some black powder thrown in for show (don’t try this at home)), and the Saturday night Get-Drunk-and-Falling-Down Contest, followed by the Sunday Morning Group Breakfast.  What a time that was.  Everything changes and Luckenbach is no exception.  But it is fighting commercialization tooth and nail.   I think it's ahead on points and may even win this one.

They were having a fund raiser for Doug Davis - one of the folks who have been around it seems like forever - who has been diagnosed with cancer.  Doug has entertained folks at Luckenbach for as long as I can remember and has mentored a bunch of young musicians.  I had  to have a BBQ plate and buy some stuff to help support him.

Some other things seen there today...

This is the road that you had to know was the one to Luckenbach.  Back in the day, there was not a road sign giving it away.  If you couldn't find it, you didn't belong


Eventually I headed out to Fredericksburg to find a place to stay for the night.

Fredericksburg is an old German community (there are several in Central Texas) - founded in the 1800s.

What would a German town be without a Beirgarten?

However, the reason I'm there is for the National Museum of the Pacific War.

The question that came to my mind when I saw this was why on earth would you have a memorial to an ocean based war this far inland?  Simple answer - Admiral Chester W. Nimitz was from Fredericksburg.

Besides, it's not everyday you see a submarine conning tower in the middle of a garden.

Or a Five and Dime...

And lastly, my home for the night

My parents used to call these places Motor Courts.  Nice little place.  Clean room, rolls, coffee and tea for breakfast and free Internet.  All for under $50.  What more do you need for the night?

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